6 Social Media Secrets For Your Savings Accounts

“Pff…you’re on (insert social media platform here) again?”  Have you ever been victimized by the observations of others regarding your hyper rational social media usage?  What if you could retort, “Pff…oh yeah, more like increasing my savings account.”  You kinda wish you could cash in on that comeback, don’t you?  You can.

What if you were told 6 secrets to apply to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms?  Would that inspire a smile when you compare savings accounts now and after a few months?  Would you be delighted?  Oh good!  Let the savings begin then.

The Top Social Media Networks

1)  Phone Bill Castaway

Social media is incredible for communication.  One can share pictures, video, short messages, memes, and other communicative goodies.  Smart phones are equipped to do the same…but cost additional dollars.

How well are you taking advantage of communicating without your phone?  All the communication tools are available via your computer.  Can you castaway some unneeded fees, leveraging social media and your computer rather than relying on your phone for most remote communication?

2)  Coupons Like Cash

Coupons are as good as cash.  Many businesses offer coupons and reduced prices via social media platforms.  Do you ever take notice when a brand urges you to ‘like us’ on Facebook?  Have you ever thought about doing it?  Check out some of your favorite brands.  If you engage their social platforms, it’s likely you’ll catch site of coupon opportunities.  Start with just one brand.  See if it makes a difference.

3)  Cash in on Gas and Convenience

Brands use social media as gateways to products and services, making shopping convenient for customers.  Save money via online shopping.  Often, deals are better there. Online assets do not have to factor costs such as utilities and rent.  Additionally, think of savings associated to gas.  Gas is not cheap.  (Not driving equals more reasons to smile when you later compare savings accounts.)

4)  Save in Groups

Facebook is packed with a high number of ‘groups.’  You can find a group dedicated to saving animals, playing rugby, and…saving money!  Look for groups, originated for the purpose of saving.  Group activity may involve posting info about garage sales, huge discounted items, time-sensitive events, etc.

5)  Make Money

Saving usually gets people thinking about not spending.  Saving also means making money too.  Social media allows any industrious person to make money.  Do you have a skill to sell as a service?  Are you some sort of craftsperson or artist, having products to offer to the public?  You can use social media to sell.  You can use social media to make money.  Think outside the box, getting inside commercial social media opportunities.

6)  (*Cough*) Get Advice

‘Social media’ describes Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, as well as blogs. You’re reading a blog post right now.  You’re (hopefully) getting helpful information.  Would you have gotten these ideas offline?  Perhaps not.  Social media helps people save money through education.  Consider the above insights then learn more through social media accounts of news publications, financial-brand Facebook accounts, and so on.


There is an entire World Wide Web of financial savings opportunity awaiting you.  Many social media accounts offer great insights.  And it’s all for free!  Think of the joy when you compare savings accounts now and a bit into the future.  Think of the look on the faces of social media dissenters when you’ve shown you’ve saved!  Big win!

About Author | Amie is a passionate personal finance writer, writing for sites like Fair Investment Company.  In her spare time she enjoys comparing high interest savings accounts, particularly fixed rate bonds and investment bonds to help consumers get a better interest on their savings.