Career Tips for Women in 2012: Planning & Confidence

Many women have a hard time when it comes to their careers; whether it be hitting their heads on glass ceilings, dealing with a lack of confidence in a male-dominated boardroom, juggling work and home responsibilities, or deciding to start a family. It can be overwhelming to say the least, as society puts equal pressure on women to be both successful and to be the right marriage material. However, a lot of stress can be eliminated through two simple steps: careful career planning, and having high levels of confidence.

Career Tips for Women in the Workplace

Plan Your Career!

According to, career planning is vital, especially for women, as motherhood often needs to be factored in. Deciding to become a mother shouldn’t be left until the last minute, when your biological clock is sounding out constant alarm reminders!

This isn’t an issue if you know you definitely don’t want children, but if you have a feeling you might want to, start planning now. The decision to start a family often happens at the same time as your most important career years, so it’s essential that you take this into consideration. suggests that you break down your long-term career planning into manageable periods, such as 18 months, three years and 10 years. That way, it will seem less daunting.

Confidence is the Key to Success

Career success simple isn’t possible without a strong self-image, and an ability to stand up for yourself. According to a recent study by the UK Institute of Leadership and Management, compared to their male counterparts, female managers tend to have lower levels of self-confidence and higher levels of self-doubt. In a ‘man-centric’ work environment, you need to know how to express your ideas and opinions, using clear and direct communication.

Confidence is the Key to Success

According to, men and women have very different communication styles, and you need to know how to tap into the most effective way of getting your messages across. Some women executives think this means they need to be aggressive and resort to man-speak, but this doesn’t always work in your favour, as some male colleagues may find this threatening. If in doubt, consult a speaking coach, or enrol in a confidence training course.

By following these two basic principals, you will be able to navigate your career path more effectively, and find satisfying job success. Career advancement shouldn’t be left to chance, so start planning for your future now, and always remember to maintain a strong, positive self-image.

About the Author: Thansk to Ang Lloyd who writes on behalf of Skilled Migrant Jobs, an onsite portal designed to help immigrants find teaching, engineering and IT jobs in Australia.

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