Hulbert Financial Digest Subscription Discount & Review

The Hulbert Financial Digest Subscription DiscountsThe Hulbert Financial Digest, sometimes known as the Hulbert Digest or Hulbert Newsletter, is the best available guide to the investment newsletter market on the planet.  If you want to sign-up then the Wall Street Journal Subs website has a special offer available where you can either receive the Hulbert Subscription via email at a low rate of $59 a year, or go for the cheap priced Hulbert Financial stock newsletter at only $69 a year – and both include 3 Free Bonuses which are described in full later down this Hulbert Financial Digest review… and the best things is, you will get a free 30 day trial.

Free 30 Day Trial – Subscribe Now for 2012!

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What’s in the Hulbert Report & Rankings – Brief Overview

  • Tracks and ranks over 180 investment newsletters
  • Includes more than 500 recommended portfolios
  • You can see which are the best investment and stock newsletters
  • All the Hulbert Financial Digest Rankings
  • You can follow the best investment strategies of the market champions
  • Don’t waste money by following what are proven to be expensive losers
  • Extensive commentary and analysis from Mark Hulbert – the independent authority

What Do You Get With the Hulbert Financial Digest Discount?

Example Pages from the Hulbert Financial DigestShould you decide to sign-up using our discounts subscription offer detailed on this review page you will get what the Wall Street movers and shakers describe as being the definitive guide to investment newsletters, stock market newsletters, financial newsletters – plus investment newsletter ratings and rankings that are unrivalled anywhere else.

The Hulbert Financial Digest manages to do what no other investing newsletters manage to do, which is track and rank all the best performing investment newsletters so you have the best and most accurate information at your fingertips when dealing with stocks, shares, and mutual funds.  By subscribing today you will gain access to the Hulbert Financial Digest Honor Roll (2011 and 2012) as well as all the ranking, ratings, and reviews.

The Hulbert Digest is extremely comprehensive and tracks the performance of more than one hundred and eighty investment newsletters which includes over five hundred recommended portfolios.  This means that should you subscribe to either the email alerts or print-based home delivery subscription versions of the Hulbert Financial Digest, you can see in superb detail the best investment newsletters that are making money for their clients – plus see how much money is being made over what periods.

Hulbert Financial Digest Review – Detailed Analysis

Before you go ahead and purchase the newsletter subscription then please check out what you would get with a Hulbert Financial Digest sample issue:

  • Increase investment knowledge with Mark Hulbert articles – When you open your first ever edition of the Hulbert’s Financial Digest you will see the first two pages which discuss the latest important investment topics of the moment – which will help you to become a better-rounded investor making wise money-making choices.
  • Full details on the best investment newsletters – Each issue of the MarketWatch Hulbert’s Digest comes with comprehensive single page profiles of four of the selected top-performing best investment newsletters from the Hulbert’s Digest Rankings.
  • Discover the best-performing Mutual Fund newsletters – by using the Hulbert Financial Digest Honor Roll and Performance Scorecard you can check out what the total returns and performances were of the best five mutual fund newsletters over 5 and 10 year periods – so you can see which ones make the most money over time.
  • Discover new funds and stocks to add to your portfolio – the HFD lists charts which display the most and least popular stocks.  This will let you know what to avoid, what to pick, and which are shown to be the best long-term performers recommended by investment newsletters.
  • Get a head-start on what market timers are expecting – within the Hulbert Rankings there is a Market Exposure Among Market Timers chart.  This helps you to see the current market sentiment as indicated by the exposure of stock, gold, and bond market timers.
  • Performance Scoreboards – each issue of the HFD comes with a list of the Hulbert Financial Digest Honor Roll top-5 best performing stock newsletters from the last 20 years helping you to keep current with stock market study and research.

Above all why is the Hulbert Financial Digest so important?  Well, if you are serious about investing, want to know the best stock and how to get into the stock market, and ultimately need to know which financial newsletters are the ones that you can trust then the HFD contains all that information.

Get One Month Free Subscribe TodayIt helps you to choose the correct newsletter to suit the investment goals and market conditions that apply to you.  The HFD has a long and trusted track record which is truly second to none and you will soon find that your Hulbert Financial Digest subscription is indispensable.

Sign-up today using our special offer discounts, save money, and get the inside track on the Hulbert Newsletter Ratings so you don’t get left behind or make bad investment choices.  Click here to get a Hulbert Financial Digest Sample when you subscribe for your trial issues.

Get 30 Days Free and Your Money Back if Not Happy

Once you’ve signed up to receive the Hulbert Financial Digest Monthly Newsletter you will receive your first ever issue.  If you are not entirely happy with the content all reviews of all the investment newsletter ratings, financial newsletter ratings, and top rated investment newsletters rankings that are contained within it… or you simply don’t think the content is right for you, then you can get a full refund and money back.  Not only that, but should you use this Hulbert Newsletter discount offer and become dissatisfied at any point during your subscription period then you will get a complete refund on all the issues that you have not receive in the post.

Hulbert Financial Digest Review – What it Delivers

If you have ever subscribed to investment and stock newsletters then you are probably very used to the format; essentially they tell you what stock to buy and what stock to sell.  The Hulbert Subscription is a bit different to that as it rates the best financial newsletters on the market so you can see which ones consistently out-perform well on the S&P 500 Index, which ones promise a lot and deliver little, and which ones a good value for money and provide a guide to the best stock market decisions.

Why Should You Trust the Hulbert Rankings?

Barron's Quote on the Hulbert DigestThe Hulbert Financial Digest Rankings has been going now for thirty years, and was first conceived by Mark Hulbert back in the 1970s.  Mark was tired of seeing stock market newsletter editors promising the World and saying that if you purchased their publication you could vastly increase your money with hardly any risk.  Mark decided that he would put these guys to the test and track the performance of the investment newsletters.  The Hulbert Rankings were the result – he started to publish them in The Hulbert Financial Digest.

It was in 2002 that MarketWatch took Hulbert’s Digest under their wing, as the reputation of the Digest started to grow.  It was seen as the perfect addition to the MarketWatch Newsletters as they needed a publication that would help investors discover the best financial mutual funds in one easy to understand format.

It is also worth noting that the Digest is not affiliated in any way to any of the Investing newsletters that it features and analyzes.  This means that if you want unbiased investment newsletter performance ranking and ratings plus want to know all there is to know about how to get into stock market in an informed fashion, then you can trust these investment newsletters reviews from the Hulbert’s Financial Digest.

Subscribe to the Hulbert’s Financial Digest – and Get 3 FREE Bonuses

As well as all the fantastic informative content and Hulbert Newsletter Rankings with the subscription discount, you will also benefit from three free bonuses products.  Please note that these will come when you receive your first issue of the Hulbert Financial Digest.

  1. Long-Term Performance Ratings – a detailed 16 page report on the performances from the last 20 years of the 180 newsletters tracked in the digest (risk-adjusted and non risk-adjusted) – worth $30 Dollars.
  2. FD Newsletter Directory – Mark Hulbert’s directory of all the stock and mutual fund investment newsletters – includes contact details, subscription information and a break-down of services that each of the top financial newsletters contains – worth $20 Dollars.
  3. Hulbert Financial Directory Intro Booklet – tells you all you would ever need to know and how to get the best from the Hulbert Digest Rankings.  Detailed information on the methodology plus strategic information for mutual fund and stock investors – worth $15 Dollars.

Hulbert Financial Digest Rankings 2012

If you want access to all the best investment newsletter reviews of 2011 and 2012 then what are you waiting for?  The Hulbert Financial Digest Subscription Discount is the only way that you will get full and un-bridled access to all the information, rankings, ratings, and commentary so sign-up today and get the full HSNSI (Hulbert Stock Newsletter Sentiment Index) league tables on mutual funds investing and stock market research.

What is the Hulbert Financial Digest 2012 Honor Roll?

One of the most useful aspects to the HFD Newsletter Subscription is that you gain access to what the outstanding investments are from all the leading and best investment newsletters which managed to make it onto the 2012 Honor Roll.  In order to get onto the Hulbert Honor Roll, an investing newsletter must show that it offers well above-average stock performance in both the up and down markets.

Subscribe to Hulbert Interactive for Just $99

If you want to dig deeper into the Hulbert Rankings then you should also consider subscribing to online access to Hulbert Interactive – full details of which can be found on our Hulbert Interactive Discount Pages here. This will give you access to an interactive online tool that will let you research all the current and historical data from the Hulbert Financial Digest Rankings – definitely worth a look if you are serious about having all the latest investment newsletter advice and ratings at your fingertips.

Who is Mark Hulbert?

Mark Hulbert is most famous for being the editor of the Hulbert Financial Digest which is his independent guide to investment advisory newsletters. The HFD is part of the MarketWatch family of financial stock investment products.  Please note that on this independent Wall Street Journal Subscriptions website we feature all of the MarketWatch Premium Newsletter and Products – click here for more information.  Mark runs a number of services including the Financial Digest Publication plus Hulbert Interactive – the online database which contains all the Hulbert Financial Digest Rankings and lets you run queries on more than 180 mutual fund and stock newsletters.

Mark Hulbert also writes a number of financial guidance columns for various publications including the Sunday New York Times and – click here for a Barron’s Online Subscription if you want to get regular access to Mark’s writings.  You can also follow him on Twitter.