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The ETF Trader is a weekly newsletter from MarketWatch which helps you to stay on top of ETFs (exchange traded funds).  We have the best and cheapest ETF Trader discounts available on our website as well as a review of the newsletter so you can get a better idea of what you will get for your money.  This is a weekly ETF newsletter edited by Jim Lovell who uses his well renowned Lowell Technical Trading System in order to base all the advice, tips, and recommendations laid out in the ETF Trader newsletter subscription from MarketWatch.  Click on the links and banners on this page to get a discount subscription to the ETF Trader or scroll further down the page to read the whole review.

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ETF Trader Newsletter Benefits

If you do decide to sign-up for an ETF Trader Subscription discount offer and deal using the links on this page, then these are the immediate benefits that are on offer.

MarketWatch ETF Trader Review

Jim Lowell is one of the most well respected people on the stock market when it comes to producing an Exchange Traded Funds trader newsletter.  He is an expert in ETFs and has extensive knowledge and expertise due to his 20 years of experience in knowing how to trade in ETFs.

The ETF Trader is a weekly newsletter which provided readers with valuable insight, advice and strategies on how to invest in ETF. The newsletter also helps you learn the many advantages of ETFs and at the same time gives you the flexibility of choosing the ETF portfolio that suits you. The ultimate goal of the ETF Trader newsletter is to make sure you reap maximum profits from your investments and reduce your losses.

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Why Trade in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)?

You might ask why trade in Exchange Traded Funds and here are the reasons as to why.  ETFs have a very low operating and transaction cost that will not strain your budgets.  You will also find ETFs are easy to understand and invest in so you will be able to make profits very quickly and then re-invest them back into the fund. They are more cost effective than other stock trading methods and you will be able to save more in terms of taxes and expenses.

ETFs have a low distribution rate and will perform better than the index funds or mutual funds whilst at the same time offering great flexibility. By reading The ETF Trader newsletter from Jim Lowell and MarketWatch on a weekly basis you will be able to ensure that your investments have achieved the best performance in the ETF sector.

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The Jim Lowell Technical Trading System

Jim Lowell owns and runs the Lowell Technical Trading system which is designed to give traders an opportunity to maximize their investments and at the same time reduce the downside risk. Lowell came up with this amazing trading system after 20 years of investment research and it is still returning amazing results to this day.

What the Lowell Technical Trading System basically does is analyze the sector performance to determine which sector is performing better than the other. The calculations are driven by mathematics and the end results are risk adjusted, diversified and provide performance maximized ETF portfolios – all of which Jim Lowell discusses and publishes in his weekly Exchange Traded Funds newsletter.

How to Subscribe to ETF Trader Discount Offer

Get 4 Weeks Free on ETF Trader - Click Now for Discount SubscriptionIf you subscribe to the ETF Trader newsletter then there are a number of benefits that you will receive.  For example, it will help you to recognize the prevailing market trends. This will then help you choose which trends to discard and which ETF trends to stick with. If you find that the market is stable then you can invest in the ETFs going upwards for a long position but when the market is uncertain then make a short term investment.

You will also learn how crucial the first and last half an hour is after you have sold and bought an ETF – this is because it’s during this period the ETF see their highest trading volumes. Not only that, but you will discover how best to the limit orders at your advantage to make sure you make the maximum profits. You will find out about the different trading tools you need to use in ETF trading that will ensure success. The tools used have been researched and over the years they have proven to be very effective.

The Benefits to ETF Trading

The ETF Trader by Jim Lowell will teach you on the advantages of ETF trading which some of them are:

  • Cost Effective ETF Trades
    ETF trading lets you minimize your costs because there is no load fees and if you compare it to mutual funds you will find that the ETF managing fees are relatively low.
  • More Flexible Exchange Trading Funds
    ETF trading offer more flexibility since you can sell them on margin or on short and ETF prices are updated continuously during the day as they change while trading.
  • Single Transactions
    The ETF offers you a single transaction which makes it easier to target a certain price in the market.
  • Lower Risk & Management Fees
    The ETFs follow a certain index and only requires minor adjustment and for this reason offer low risk management and lower management fees.
  • Minimize Your ETF Portfolio Risk
    ETFs offers a high level of transparency and accountability. You will be able to hedge you ETF options easily and thus minimize the portfolio risk.

ETF Trader Subscription Discount and Deals

To get the weekly newsletter straight to your email inbox you will need to subscribe on the links below.

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Once you are subscribed you will receive a 30 day free trial period where you get to read the newsletter and apply the strategies that are delivered each week. After the thirty day period the subscription renews itself automatically for a special discounted and introductory price of $99 per year.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back

If you are happy with the information contained within the ETF Trader newsletter you can continue with the weekly subscription, or alternatively cancel at any point.  You can pay for your subscription using the major payments method like Visa, Master Card – and you can be assured safety and discretion of the transactions via the latest encryption systems. The subscription renews itself automatically but you can easily manage your subscription choosing when to stop and when to start using the official MarketWatch website which is part of the Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal business.