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MarketWatch Options Trader Review and Discount DealThe Lawrence G. McMillan Option Trader newsletter is one MarketWatch newsletters that are currently available for subscription.  McMillan on Options is one of the best options newsletter choices you can make – and you can find out more by reading our MarketWatch Options Trader review in full further down the page.  As a brief synopsis though, this is what you get should you decide to take advantage of our Options Trader discount offer (4 weeks free) and subscribe to what is considered to be the leading options trader newsletters that money can buy.

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Before you read our review of this trading options strategies newsletter (scroll down), you should take advantage of the discounts and deals that we can currently offer on what we believe to be the best of the options newsletters that you can subscribe to.

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What is MarketWatch Options Trader?

If you use the Options Trader discount deals available on this page then this what you will get:

  • Weekly options trading newsletter sent directly to your email inbox
  • Access to valuable weekly options strategies from Lawrence McMillan
  • Simple to understand weekly options strategy advice and tips
  • Learn how make money in options and master trading psychology
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Why Subscribe to the Options Trader Newsletter? 

If you want to get serious about trading in options then this newsletter will be your guide to the market.  It will help you to anticipate what is going to happen in the market so you can be ahead of the game before a certain trend develops.  The bottom line is that you will learn how to use options as a strategic investment.

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Inside the newsletter you will benefit from the best option strategy of the week, which is laid out in detail so you can start to trade immediately with the confidence of knowing the advice is coming from one of the most well respected names in the game – Lawrence G. McMillan.

What Content is Available in MarketWatch Options Trader?

Sample Pages from Options TraderWithin every single weekly options strategy email you will find the following content, including links out to online resources, tips, hints, guides, and more detailed information on the best stock options that week.  Highlights include:

  • Stock and options trading ideas that you can action on that trading day
  • Tips and hints on trade maintenance
  • Insights from the trading floor and Wall Street
  • Stock options charts for technical analysis
  • Plus advice on the psychological barriers and issues that can affect trading

Options Trader Newsletter Review

Sign-up today and you will be on the path to making the best options trading investments.  The Options Trader newsletter aims to help you to achieve two things:

  1. Learn how to make money with stock options
  2. learn about options trading and how you can best harness the strategies

This MarketWatch newsletter does tend to offers something for all levels of trader and investor.  In Lawrence McMillan’s own words, by subscribing to the Options Trader email newsletter, the recipient will gain “extensive market comment, market insights, including brief discussion of a topic of interest – for example a new volatility product or a sector of the market that is drawing heavy option interest – as well as new recommendations” – but does it deliver on this promise and give you the best options trading secrets?

Our opinion on this question is a resounding yes.  You can take your pick from the advice offered whether that’s the ins and outs of options trading basics or the weekly option strategies that are included.  If you are already familiar with options then you will find McMillan’s advice invaluable – or if you are new then you will gain better insight into the complicated world of trading options strategies.

Within the Options Trader newsletter there are various different topics covered that address a wide range of stock options strategies including speculative trades to risk-hedging trades.

Special Offer and Discount MarketWatch Options Trader Deal

The Options Trader newsletter costs $99 US Dollars every year, which is money well spent – but only as long as you act upon the advice offered by Lawrence McMillan.

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The newsletter is purely focused on options so don’t expect any additional insight on other investment strategies – MarketWatch have a whole raft of other investment newsletters that cover other subjects so make sure that you check those ones out on this link.

What is Stock Options Trading?

In simple terms, options are contracts that let the owner have the permission to purchase or sell stocks and shares at a defined price on a set date.  If you are interested in making money from options then you need to be aware that trading in options can be quite a risky investment strategy.  However, the best stock options do let you have a bit more leverage as compared to being in an individual equity position.

With the MarketWatch Options Newsletter you can learn how to how to make money with options using Lawrence McMillan’s expert options trading advice and analysis.  He has made a living from success with options and publishes his weekly secrets in the MarketWatch newsletter.

The Options Trader from McMillan shows you how you can learn to anticipate the stock market trends and then apply example trading options strategies that are simple to understand and will help you to make the best calls.  It’s not just for beginners though, as Lawrence himself says:

“It is for beginners to intermediate option traders, since most of the recommendations are outright option buys.”

So no matter what your expertise or level, you will find the best options strategy to suit you.  It does contain some very complex strategies such as spread trading and hedging methods – but at the same time will act as an invaluable guide to weekly option strategies whilst maintaining the emphasis on risk management.

About Lawrence G. McMillan Options Trader

Lawrence G McMillan Interview - Options TraderIf you want to know how to options trade then listen to Lawrence G. McMillan. Lawrence McMillan is the author of the famous and well regarded “Options as a Strategic Investment” book which has sold nearly a quarter of a million copies.

McMillan is not a journalist who simply writes about weekly options strategies, he actually lives and breathes winning options strategies on a daily basis as part of his portfolio manager role at a hedge fund.

Lawrence McMillan Interview from the Options Trader Newsletter

If you would like to know more about the expert analysis behind the MarketWatch Options Trader newsletter then please read this recent Lawrence G. McMillan interview where he tells us more about the strategies, mistakes, and advice contained within this investment newsletter as well as what additional content you can expect to receive.